Shiloh’s Core Values ~ Audra Alley, DVM, CVA, DABVP Canine & Feline Practice

Update 3/24/2019: I want to thank Trisha for having the courage to point out a mistake I made in my original entry. In the crazy whirlwind of daily life, I made a mistake, and I left one of our original core values, Empathy, in my blog along with what was supposed to be its replacement, Empowerment. In doing so, I omitted the final value, Integrity. Empathy is always part of what we do every day, but during our team discussion, it was decided that Empowerment more closely reflected what we try to embody on a daily basis. Honestly, I really wanted to avoid the embarrassment of sending out this correction, but these values are more important to me and to Shiloh than a little temporary discomfort for me. Thank you. ~ Dr. Alley


A big part of the vision of Shiloh Animal Hospital is to create the workplace of choice for all veterinary professionals (veterinarians, kennel staff, assistants, customer service representatives, technicians, nurses, students, etc.). There is a lot that goes into building that vision. One part of the puzzle was creating Core Values.

Not too long ago, all of our employees gathered together after work, enjoyed pizza, and brainstormed to come up with the Core Values of Shiloh Animal Hospital. It was really important to do this as a group, and it was amazing to listen to the discussions and the passion for what we do and how we do it every day. Now, every day at 1:07, we have a Core Values meeting where we have the opportunity to call each other out for displaying one of our values. What a great way to not only keep the values in the front of our mind, but also to give each other a pat on the back for living it every day!

I would like to share these values with all of you:


This represents so many different areas. This may be balance in our personal vs. work lives, balancing finances with high quality, balancing our time between teaching students and being efficient–I could go on and on.


This represents us truly functioning as a team, both with each other and with our clients.

Strive to Exhibit Emotional Intelligence

Our job requires us to shift gears so many times during the day, from the cutest new puppy to shepherding one of our favorite patients across the rainbow bridge. This requires us to be able to read each other and our clients so that we can react appropriately to be helpful and supportive.


We want to empower staff to do what is right, empower our clients with education to make good choices for their pets, and empower our team to constantly learn, grow, and try new skills.


Integrity is the cornerstone of what we do at Shiloh. Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Without a solid foundation of integrity, we can’t build trust and confidence with each other or with our clients.

Creating a workplace of choice is a work in progress to improve, cultivate, and intervene when needed, always keeping that vision in sight. Moving to a new, larger facility splits us up in some ways, but it also encourages us to work even harder as team to provide the best possible care to all of our furry companions and their owners.