I’m Ren! I am one of the very few born and raised in Cary NC. My claim to fame is when I was 6, I wrote a 7-page essay on why our family needed a dog. I ended up not getting a dog then, but spent a majority of my childhood drawing and studying dogs. I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts at VCU and worked in the Video Game industry for a good while. When I finally got my own dog – a scruffy little rescue toy poodle with aggression issues – I learned a lot from him about forgiveness, patience, and unconditional love. After he passed, I worked for a short time in animal rescue. Now I am very passionate about rescue, training, desensitization/cooperative care, and education. I believe all of us have things we can learn from our pets, especially in understanding and empathy. (For the record, I also rescued a senior cat off the street, and am weak for black kitties with tough backgrounds. I am a lover of all animals.)

When I’m not working, I still make art and sew costumes as a hobby. I’ll try just about any craft at least once. Now that I have a little puppy, I’m also learning about dog agility and becoming more of an outdoorsman.