A Childhood Friend ~ Kenyetta, Kennel Technician

When I was growing up, I would always hear the phrase, “A dog is a man’s best friend.” But in reality, a dog is a childhood friend.

I always second-guessed getting my daughter a dog, but I wanted her to have that best friend she could grow up with and also have someone who would always have her back (besides just mom). So on September 16, 2018, I decided that it was best to get my daughter her first ever dog. I remember this day like it was yesterday.

I went to pick our dog, Lilo, from the person that was selling him to us, and my daughter had no idea because I had left her with her grandma while I ran out to pick him up. The second I pulled into the driveway, my daughter was waiting at the door for us. The look on her face when she first met Lilo was priceless. Since day one, Jordynn and Lilo have had the bond that I knew they would. Lilo and Jordynn are like Bonnie and Clyde.

Jordynn has to be in Lilo’s eyesight 24/7, or he will have a fit. They sleep together, eat together, and play together all day. I love their bond; it’s unbreakable. Wherever Jordynn goes, she has to show off a picture of “her Lilo”, as she would call him. Jordynn and Lilo’s birthdays are exactly one month apart, and they act more like actual siblings than anything else, fighting over toys and who gets to sit under me.

A dog is a childhood best friend, not just a man’s best friend. You’re able to grow up together; it’s like having that best friend that will always be there no matter what. The best cuddle buddy, playmate, and sleeping buddy you could ever ask for. Dogs may not talk, but they can sense when they are most needed or when you just need a friend to lean on.

We can learn so many things from a dog’s behavior, personality, demeanor, resilience, and most importantly, their willingness to provide their family members with unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship down to their very last breath. A dog will stick by your side through thick and thin and protect you from anything and everything that gets in your way. There are multiple ways that you can benefit from having a pet dog, including keeping you fit and active, reducing stress, keeping you safe, and improving your social life (to name a few). Dogs are the best pets anyone could possibly ask for!