Cold Light Laser

What is Cold Light Laser?

Cold Light Laser, or more accurately called photobiostiumulation and/or modulation, is a chain of chemical reactions promoted by deep penetrating light.  The light photons are absorbed by the mitochondria and bring the cell to an excitatory state.  This stimulates more ATP product and cell proliferation (or increase in the number of cells).  The energized cells communicate with each other through cytokines or growth factors that are important in regulating cell processes.  Through subsequent processes, this increases the synthesis of endorphins and decreases bradykinin (which promotes vasodilation) which results in pain and inflammation relief.  And this “non-pharmaceutical treatment” has no side effects.  Overall, this speeds healing and reduces pain, and thus, less suffering for your pet.

We Offer 2 Different Options For Cold Light Laser Therapy At Shiloh Animal Hospital

  • In-Clinic Unit
    • This is a “cold light” tabletop laser because the levels of light aren’t enough to heat body tissue. We use this to treat post-surgical incisions, wounds, joints, ears, and many more body issues/ systems. Great for acute or isolated incidents.
  • At-Home MedcoVet Luma Unit
    • A safe and portable Photobiomodulation (PBM) device. The Luma comes with an easy to use app that guides you through treatment and records progress. It also connects you and our clinic between visits to ensure optimal care. There is a small weekly rental fee, which makes it affordable for longer-term issues rather than continuously coming into the clinic. Rent to purchase is also available for chronic issues.

For more information, check out the website: https://medcovet.com/about-luma/ If you think your pet could benefit, ask us about the Luma at your next visit!