All the Little Leaves Make Up the Beautiful Tree ~ Buni, Veterinary Nurse

As we delve into a new year, a new dawn sets upon us. One night just like every other, but ringing with a different chord, a chord that echoes throughout the soul of every beating heart in the world. The reverberation of hope. Of change. Of wonderment. Of new beginnings.

But it isn’t this miraculous metamorphosis of living things. Do we think cells will divide much more quickly? Much more beautifully? Much more fruitfully?

Life is about chaos. As entropy, life’s degree of disorder, increases, so does the balance of all living things. But how can this be?

Simply: It is the creation of opportunity.

So appreciate the chaos. Love the fact that as each bounding atom collides with another, we are working towards a grand achievement, each and every second. That we are reaching new heights of thoughtfulness, communication, and empathy. With each new collision, there is a new connection, a new opportunity.

So let’s not look to this new year with any hope for grandiose change, but as the opportunity for newness, for growth, for enhancement. That every collision we have faced, we are etching into our souls a breach for commencement and opportunity. That every single one of our minuscule changes, whether interdependently driven or within our own self, is extremely purposeful. Remember, that it is indeed, all the little leaves that make up the beautiful tree.