Looking for Treats? ~ Amber, Receptionist

A huge question that we get from new dog owners is regarding what chews and treats are safe to give. Whether you are using treats to train your puppy or using them to keep them occupied for a while, (puppy teething is always so fun) you want to make sure that you are giving them something healthy.

Many treats are high in calories and are not supplying your new puppy with any added nutrients. When we got our puppy last winter, I was constantly trying new treats and chews to keep him occupied and happy through his teething. I was always driving to different pet stores in search of healthy treats that were also good for him.

Since he is a larger breed, he destroyed many toys in minutes, and there was always that worry of him eating something he shouldn’t. After doing a lot of digging around on the internet for what other people were buying, I stumbled across a brand called Real Dog box.

They are a small company based out of San Diego that makes air dried treats and chews for dogs. They locally source all of their treats, so you are always getting the freshest meats for your dog. The best part is that they will mail the treats and chews right to your home! You can sign up for four different size packages that will arrive every four weeks.

One of the boxes is designed for those in search of treats to help with training and promoting good behavior, as well keeping your dog busy and giving you some free time. For my dog, who is now a fifty-pound lab mix, I get the treat and chew box.

With this box, you get three bags of chews and three bags of fresh treats. This box includes six to seven pounds of fresh meat and seafood that is air dried. This means you are getting 100% single ingredient treats.

This is super awesome for dogs that have allergies, which usually makes finding treats more difficult. If you do have a dog that has a chicken or fish allergy, you can customize your box’s plan to reflect your dog’s dietary restrictions. Along with the treats, they include cards that explain what each treat is made out of and all of the benefits that it entails.

A big reason why I love this company so much and recommend it to a lot of our clients is their customer service. With many subscription boxes on the market, it is hard to find one that truly customizes for you. If I ever need to add extra treats or get a box shipped sooner, they are always willing to accommodate. You can even text their help desk and talk to one of their employees right away. If you ever receive a treat that you are not 100% happy with, they are always willing to ship you a new treat in your next box at no cost.

An added bonus with this company is how much information they put out to the public. If you look them up on Instagram, their page is loaded with awesome options and ideas to try with your dog. They have built such an awesome community of people who have their dog on raw food, a mix of kibble and raw, or people who just like to create awesome homemade treats. As someone who feeds her dog dry kibble usually (working full time makes it hard to make fresh food), I find their blogs and videos super helpful on how to add great supplementary nutrition to my dog’s diet.

One of the most amazing things that their Instagram showcases is how great their chews are for removing plaque from your dog’s teeth. Many owners let their dogs have bones and antlers for a daily chew. These can cause a lot of wear and damage on your dog’s teeth, and they can also splinter and be swallowed, resulting in dangerous intestinal blockages. Our office sees numerous amounts of broken and chipped teeth that are caused by these hard chews. The chews that you get from Real Dog are soft enough to not hurt your dog’s teeth, but they will last long enough to keep them busy and help maintain dental health in the process.

If you are someone who is a first-time dog owner, or if you are someone just looking to add healthy beneficial treats in your dog’s diet, I highly recommend Real Dog Box. If you decide you want to try out their treats, they will give you half off your first box, and they will even throw in a free bag of treats if you use me as a referral. Just message them at help@real.dog and let them know that Amber Gaudreau sent you! 😊