The Many Benefits of Having a Cat ~ Kristin, Veterinary Nurse

There are a lot of opinions out there on how cats are good for human health in different ways. Just to name a few:

  • They help provide valuable emotional support for children and adults who live with certain emotional or developmental disorders, as they
  • offer valuable bonding, attention, and calming affection.
  • People struggling with anxiety and stress have also found the calming vibrations of a cats purr soothes the nerves.
  • A little affection from your kitty can also help lower blood pressure!
  • There’s always the classic reason that people have gotten cats for their barns or homes: vermin control. Having mice and bugs getting into your food can cause all sorts of health problems.

There are so many reasons that cats are so amazing to me.

Personally, I’ve always had a deep love and appreciation for cats. From the super cuddly ones who’ve never met a stranger, to the aloof and independent ones who only allow affectionate on their own terms. My heart flutters every time I see one.

I’ve had a few cats in my lifetime. Some have been fosters who I helped find forever homes for, some have been barn cats that found me and never left, and some have been forever adopted by me.

I have so much appreciation for every cat that comes into my life. They are always there to brighten your darkest days, be happy with you on your good days, and make you laugh with their goofy habits and playfulness.

They are your constant when so much in your life may change. There’s this beautiful, unspoken bond that you feel when you look at them. My life wouldn’t be the same without those cats that have shown me so much love in my life. They’re totally worth all of the stuff that they knock off of your counters!