The Right Fit ~ Meredith, Veterinary Nurse

Shortly after my daughter Kenleigh was born, I had to put my lab mix Lyza down, but I still had my two cats. It was very important to me that Kenleigh grow up around animals. I didn’t want her to be afraid of them, and I also wanted to be a voice for them.

Fast forward two years, and I decided that I was ready for another dog. We were going to Myrtle Beach for the weekend, and I had been looking at different shelters and animal rescues, since I feel strongly about rescuing vs. buying. I found three dogs that I wanted to meet while we were in Myrtle Beach at the humane society there. One by one, a staff member brought each dog out, and none of them seemed to be quite the right fit for us; I was looking for a more mellow dog for Kenleigh’s first experience. She thought for a moment, and then she said, “I have one more I can show you; her name is ‘Sparkle’.”

When she brought her out, Sparkle immediately went over to Kenleigh and kissed her hand, and I said, “That’s the one!” None of the other dogs we met had acknowledged Kenleigh, and they were very hyper, but Sparkle (now known as Breeze) went right to her as if to say, “That’s my new kid.” We did all the paperwork to adopt her, got in the car, and she immediately fell asleep. She was home!

Fast forward three years, and we’ve been so happy with Breeze! She adjusted well right away, and she and Kenleigh are best buds!

She cries when Kenleigh leaves, and when I tell Kenleigh it’s bedtime, Breeze runs into the bedroom and gets in the bed before Kenleigh. They both will turn five this fall. Rescues seem so grateful in my opinion and make amazing family members!