As a pet owner, you know how vital staying on top of your pet’s medical care is to ensure they are happy and healthy. However, keeping track of appointments, vaccination records and other important medical information can be challenging, especially if you’re scheduling visits months in advance.

shilohanimalhospital aims to help pet owners stay on top of their furry friend’s medical needs with our recent implementation of PetDesk. Whether you need assistance managing prescriptions, tracking vaccination records or communicating with our providers, PetDesk is here to make the care process simple and seamless for you and your pet.

PetDesk’s User-Friendly Features

As a comprehensive pet care software system, PetDesk offers numerous features to make communicating with our office more accessible. Some features of PetDesk’s client engagement platform include:

  • Communication: PetDesk provides a single location to ask and receive answers regarding general questions, updates for pet records and other concerns, keeping communication more organized and efficient than calls and emails.
  • Medication management: Request prescription refills and learn more about your pet’s medication with the medication management services available through PetDesk.
  • Appointment requests: Instead of calling the office or visiting our location in person when your pet needs a checkup, you can book or cancel appointments within seconds with the PetDesk app.
  • Pet health reminders: Our office can inform you when your pet is due for an appointment through text, email, app notification or postcard. 

shilohanimalhospital Is Proud to Offer PetDesk to Our Clients

PetDesk empowers our practice to streamline communication between our staff and clients through a convenient mobile app. With the appointment request tool, our office can focus exclusively on client interactions and patient care. As a pet owner, you can:

  • Contact our office in whatever way works best for your needs, such as by email or text.
  • Access links to our online pharmacy and social media pages.
  • Find your pet’s medical information at any time.
  • Access vaccination records with ease.
  • Send texts instead of calling our office to schedule appointments.
  • Receive reminders for upcoming pet care.
  • Simplify conversations regarding the cost of care.
  • Utilize educational resources for pet parents to better understand their pets’ care plans.

Why Our Pet Owners Love PetDesk

At shilohanimalhospital, we treat our patients and their owners like family. Our team members strive to earn your respect and loyalty by providing spectacular service. After all, we know your pet deserves the best, and we have the training and capabilities to deliver quality pet care. Some of the top reasons our pet owners love PetDesk include:

  • Ease of use: The dashboard features on the PetDesk app are easy to use, and clients receive alerts for missing or incorrect information. Using the app makes communication more manageable, and pet owners can access PetDesk’s customer service representatives for any issues with the app.
  • Efficient technology: PetDesk lets our clients and staff communicate more efficiently without losing the personal touch we take pride in. Our team can text you pictures of your pet during their time with us for a simple and effective way to communicate.
  • Commitment to patient success: PetDesk is user-friendly and helps owners learn more about their pets’ medical needs. Through PetDesk, owners can make better-informed decisions regarding their pet’s health and care plans for greater success.

How to Sign Up for PetDesk

If you are a current client and are not using PetDesk, we encourage you to sign up for the platform today. PetDesk is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, and we encourage you to download PetDesk on your phone so you can enjoy the app’s benefits from anywhere.

After downloading the app:

  1. Open the app on your phone or other mobile device and click create an account.
  2. Enter your name, the email you have on file at shilohanimalhospital, a password and the phone number you have on file at our office.
  3. Search shilohanimalhospital to link your account to our practice.

After setting up your account, you can use PetDesk to track appointments and stay informed about your pet’s medical care.

Start Using PetDesk to Schedule Care at shilohanimalhospital Today

If you are a new client looking for world-class care for your pet in Morrisville, shilohanimalhospital is here for you. Our expert staff will ensure you and your pet receive the services you need. After your first visit to our office, we’ll register you in the PetDesk database so you can start taking greater control over your pet’s health. Visit and schedule an appointment at our office to learn more!