Dottie’s First Snow ~ Kari, CSR

I’ve been living with my mom and aunt for a little over a year now with my sister Kit. Mom and Auntie always make jokes about baseball around us, but I don’t get it*. My sister and I really like it here. We get to nap anywhere we want, and Mom and Auntie give us a lot of toys to play with. They also like to take us outside on walks sometimes. We have been to all kinds of places; we even took a big car trip to DC to see our great grandparents. I miss them…they gave us way more treats than Mom and Auntie do.

One of the coolest adventures I went on was right outside of our house last month! There was white stuff falling from the sky. I think Mom called it snow? It was so pretty. Mom and Auntie got to stay home all day that day too, so it was extra special. After staring out the window for a while, Mom decided it was time for a family walk. She took one of my normal blankets** and wrapped herself in it and got our harnesses.

Outside it was really cold, but I was protected by all of my floof! Kit wasn’t too happy though; she didn’t like being outside. She doesn’t have as much fur as I do! Kit stayed wrapped up in Auntie’s jacket while Mom and I explored.

The white stuff on the ground was really cold and wet, but when I stepped in it, you could see my paw prints! I got to sniff all around the bushes where the birds had been playing earlier that morning. I was a little sad there weren’t any there now for me to play with.

My favorite part of the adventure was sitting in the white stuff and letting the wind hit my fur. Even though I was cold, I really loved to be outside.

Kit went in early with Auntie, since they both didn’t like the cold, but Mom stayed outside with me. At some point, Mom said it was time to go inside. I tried to tell her I didn’t want to go in, but she said I was shivering and had to. I could have stayed out there all day! I wasn’t that cold…
The next day all of the snow had melted, which made me sad. I kept looking out my window to be sure, but it was gone. I hope it falls again soon so that Kit, Mom, Auntie and I can go play in it again. Until then, I guess I will just have to settle for our family’s normal walks.

Auntie’s notes:

*Dottie and Kit are named after the pair of baseball sisters in “A League of Their Own”
**It was Mom’s jacket that Dottie likes to lay on
Thank you for reading all about my cat niece’s first experience in the snow. I hope you also got to enjoy the snow with your fur babies!